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Avoiding The Blame Game

One of the things most beautiful about our life is that we can create a new chapter each and every day. If things are not going great, there is always tomorrow. Your Life Is Yours To Control Let's face it, most of us are very passive with the ebb and flow of our everyday life. When positive things happen, we change the course of our day to stay in that feeling as long as possible while other areas of our life may get temporarily neglected. Also, when negative things happen, we may have that bad energy affect the rest of our day. Do you allow situations to direct the course of your day or do you take control of your daily life? Stop blaming outside influences such as the opinion of others, the weather, or even politics for either the good or bad stuff happening in your life. Once you take inventory of negative influences around you, it won't take you long to quickly learn to laugh them off as you regain more control of your life. Law Of Attraction You may have experienced that when something good happens, it appears that you may be on a lucky streak because you notice other good things happening all around you. However, if someone cuts you off in the car on the way to work that your bad mood seems to attract more bad experiences your entire day. Even though something bad may happen, you have the ability to instantly push that negative energy aside. Make a conscious effort to consistently think positive thoughts, since the only one who has control over your thoughts is you. Make Better Choices Do you return that phone call right away or can it wait a few hours? Do you connect with that person who gave you their business card or is it placed in a stack of other cards you've collected over the years. Every decision we make has consequences. Sometimes the results can be amazing while others will make you scratch your head and openly wonder what the heck where you thinking. Congratulate yourself for the good choices you make and don't beat yourself up for the bad ones. Always remember that no one is perfect. YOU have full control of your life. By taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions, you may be surprised to discover how much happier your life will become. Learn to love and trust yourself! Stay Mindful Of Your Thoughts Watch your thoughts, watch the people that you're with, and then take responsibility throughout the day for the things that happen. Always remember that you can create your life of your choosing. You can create such beauty and magic in your life, once you stop blaming others for things that happen in your life. Stop blaming yourself for past mistakes and forgive yourself for current mistakes. You can't rewrite your past, however you can create your present and future. Enjoy the beauty. Look around you. Look at all the love in your life. Just create the most beautiful, loving life that you can. Start now to write the newest chapter of your life. Avoiding the blame game is easy now that you know you can do it. Let me know how you stop playing the blame game and take greater control of your life. I'd love to hear from you. I love you! Lori Moreno

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